I'm scheduled to have an ACL reconstruction in two weeks. The doctor thinks I can get back to playing sports within six months. Will I have my full function by then?

There are many parts to recovery after ACL reconstruction. Rehab can move forward quickly if there aren't any complications and the joint is mechanically stable. Your doctor and your physical therapist will help you know when the time is right to start each phase of your rehab program.

Studies show the joint's sense of position, called proprioception, comes back slowly over the first nine to 12 months. Most rehab programs focus on balance and proprioception during this time. Strength training and flexibility are also important.

Agility training to restore functional stability comes in later phases of rehab. You probably won't be 100 percent at six months but if all goes well, you'll be safe to resume sports. Follow your doctor's advice carefully for the best long-term results.