I've heard it's possible to have a total knee replacement and go home the same day. Can anyone do it this way? Since I don't have health insurance, this way to do the operation could save me a lot of money.

First you'll have to find a surgeon and clinic trained in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). MIS for knee joint replacement is fairly new. Not all orthopedic surgeons are using this method. In some places an overnight stay (or longer) is still required.

Each surgeon will have his or her own patient criteria. Many will not accept patients for this type of surgery who have had a heart attack in the last 12 months. Being on blood thinners to prevent blood clots may also exclude you from eligibility.

Some surgeons won't accept patients for MIS who are overweight or obese. Others require someone to be in the home for the first few days after the operation.

If you're in good health with no history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or blood clots, then you have a good chance of being an acceptable candidate for MIS.