My 85-year old father fell and broke his hip. He's had surgery to repair the fracture. We don't think he's really ready to go home and care for himself. The hospital is getting ready to discharge him. What are our options?

First make an appointment with the hospital social worker and/or case manager assigned to your father's case. They will help you find out what's available in your area.

There are usually several options. Finding the right fit for your father and the family is the goal. Finances usually play a key role in the decision, too.

Sometimes there's a rehab or extended care facility linked with the hospital. Your father may be able to transfer there for additional services before going home. It's also possible to have a home-based program. A nurse and a physical therapist will come in several times a week to assist him.

Many people are able to function better in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. With a little in-home help they regain their function faster than you might imagine.