I've been very lucky with my hip joint replacement. I've had it 15 years without a problem. Now it looks like the plastic liner inside the socket has worn thin and needs to be replaced. Should I just have the whole hip replaced at the same time?
This is a good question and one you will want to discuss with your orthopedic surgeon. In general, the old saying applies: "If it's not broke, don't fix it." You could possibly get another 10 or more years of good service from your current implant. Replacing the liner is a fairly simple thing to do compared with removing the implant and replacing it with another.

Your surgeon has probably already taken an X-ray and seen the liner changes. The X-ray will also show the condition of the bone. Good bone health and density is needed before a hip revision can be done.

It's entirely possible that your joint replacement could last another 10 years (or more) with a new liner in place. Unless your surgeon advises otherwise, the simple liner replacement plan is best.