My doctor is suggesting that I go for a hip replacement. If I agree, how long will it be before I can walk and do stairs on my own again?
As you probably know, it's hard to say who will recover how quickly from a surgery. With hip replacement surgery, a lot depends on if it's a total hip replacement or a partial, and the approach and techniques your doctor uses. As well, recovery depends on how you were prepared for the surgery and how aggressive your rehabilitation is in terms of physiotherapy and pain management.

The best thing to do is to speak to your doctor and ask some of these questions:

What type of surgery are you going to do?

What is the general length of time your patients take to recover and walk with help (walker)? And to walk alone?

o your patients generally go straight home or to a rehabilitation hospital?

How do you manage pain in your patients?

Do you have a pre-surgery program for your patients to follow?

How quickly do you begin physiotherapy for your patients?