I'm 45-years old and need a hip replacement because of arthritis. I played soccer from the time I was in pre-school all the way through college. Even as an adult I played on coed rec teams. Could the soccer playing wear my hip out?

Playing soccer may not be the issue. Studies show it's the sports injuries players get that increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Ankle and knee injuries are common among soccer players. Since these two joints are in a direct line-up with the hip, it makes sense that such injuries can lead to arthritis later.

Another risk factor for injury and thus arthritis is left-leg dominance. At this point we know more about what isn't a risk than what is. In studies of soccer players ages 12 to 18, there was no apparent increase in risk of injury linked with body size or type, balance, strength, or flexibility. Preseason play didn't seem to make a difference either.