What is a sport hip replacement? I'm 34-years old and in need of a replacement but they tell me I'm too young. Is this a new alternative for guys like me?
The "everlasting hip" or "sport hip" are terms used to describe a new procedure called hip joint resurfacing. In this procedure, the surgeon smooths the joint surface and puts a protective or replacement metal cap over the bone at the top of the femur (thigh bone).

The idea is to provide younger patients with some options over the years. When used early on, the patient can still convert to a total hip replacement years later. You may be a good candidate. Check with your orthopedic surgeon about the possibility.

Joint resurfacing is not a reversible procedure. It doesn't last forever. Although patients can be active, they are advised to limit or minimize some weight-bearing activities. This could include such things as impact sports, running, or sky-diving.