I had a bad twisting injury while skiing last season. After four months of constant groin pain I went to see the doctor. He did arthroscopic surgery and repaired a torn ligament (teres) in my hip. He explained how this ligament goes between the top of the hipbone into the socket to hold it together. How does the doctor get to this ligament to repair it?

You mentioned arthroscopic surgery. In this operation, the doctor uses a special tool called an arthroscope that's inserted into the joint. There's a tiny TV camera on the end of the arthroscope. This gives the doctor a view inside your hip joint. Special shaving and suction tools can also go through the scope into the joint.

The doctor uses three things to help in an operation like this. The arthroscope and special curved tools makes it possible to reach all around inside the hip joint. The scope can enter the joint from one of several places. This gives the doctor access to the hard to reach areas. The patient's hip can also be put in a position that gives the doctor a better view.