My doctor has suggested a hip fusion for me. I'm a little hesitant about doing it. Are there any reasons I shouldn't have this operation?

You didn't say what's wrong with your hip that would need a fusion. In general hip fusion isn't advised for a hip with inflammation from arthritis. Infection in the hip will also keep a patient from having this operation.

Most doctors don't advise hip fusion if there's pain or loss of motion in the knee on the same side. The same is true for problems in the spine or the opposite hip. Injury, instability, or deformity of the knee on the same side requires careful evaluation before having the hip on the same side fused.

Poor health, older age, and obesity are red flags. The surgery is not readily advised in these cases. A poor or negative attitude is also reason not to do the surgery.

Hip pain and loss of motion after a fracture in a young patient is one reason doctors advise hip arthrodesis. Fracture and chronic alcohol use can result in a condition called osteonecrosis. Loss of blood supply to the hip leads to death of the bone. Osteonecrosis is another reason hip fusion is considered.