I've heard if I want a good hip replacement that lasts, I should go to Sweden. Is there any truth to this idea?
Worldwide, total hip replacements (THRs) have been done for 30 years now. The success over time has been tracked using databases in several countries. Information has been collected comparing the U.S. to Sweden, Norway, and Australia.

Results of cemented versus uncemented implants in each of those countries is also reported. Revision rates are highest in the U.S. compared to these three other countries.

Revision rates in older adults (over 65 years old) is three times higher in the U.S. compared to Sweden. A second (revision) surgery is needed when patients develop infection, fracture, or loosening of the implant.

ccording to information provided by Norwegian researchers, they may have the best results. Long-term findings (15 years or more) were good in all age groups and for all problems.