I was dumb and tried to play the Twister game with my eight-year old twins. I knew better because I've had some hip problems. This just made it worse. I haven't been able to move my hip since. How long can I wait-and-see if it will heal on its own?

Many people avoid seeing the doctor for what seem like simple injuries that will get better on their own. Often they do get better, but not without a price. Sometimes we end up with less motion and just accept that. One thing leads to another and later another injury pops up. Or we start to have back pain.

With musculoskeletal injuries a little care early on can assure a more normal healing pattern. For example, antiinflammatory drugs can help reduce how much swelling and pain there is. You'll be able to walk more normally and keep from developing some uneven gait or postural habits.

A short course of physical therapy may also help. You'll be examined for any muscle imbalances or weakness. Pain free motion can be restored. This is especially important during the healing phases so you don't end up with a "frozen" hip or hip adhesive capsulitis.