Is there a way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome, the irritation of the median nerve that runs from your forearm to your wrist is a common repetitive stress injury. As you use your hand and wrist in the same motion over and over again, the tendon becomes irritated and inflamed, causing you pain. The best way to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome is to be sure that you don't do those repetitions that can cause the injury. If your work requires you to do certain functions, such as using a computer mouse, a cash register, or heavy equipment that vibrates, you need to protect your hands. You can do this by taking frequent breaks from the task and stretching and exercising your hand, wrist and arms. If your work place isn't set up to help you be comfortable, speak with your supervisor about working on this. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also be brought on by certain hobbies. If you don't want to give up the activity, you may have to find different ways of doing it or take more frequent breaks to avoid aggravating the nerve irritation.