Doesn't it hurt to get an injection into your finger to cure trigger finger? I have the problem but there's no way I'm getting a shot like that.
Trigger finger, a condition where a finger or fingers bend in a way that looks like you are about to shoot a gun, is a problem that can make it difficult to perform every day tasks. When the trigger finger causes pain or discomfort, and affects your life, you may look into getting treatment for it. The initial, first-line treatment for trigger finger is a corticosteroid that is injected directly into the affected area. Barring other issues and if the problem hasn't been present for too long, this injection often works the first time. If the injection doesn't work, a second injection may be tried or surgery may be suggested. Injections into the finger may be uncomfortable or painful, but surgery has its risks, so it is usually better to try the more conservative approach (injection) before trying surgery, if at all possible.