My daughter is in gymnastics and one of her team mates had to stop because she hurt her wrist. Her doctor said it was a "gymnasts wrist." Is there a way to prevent that?
Gymnastics places a heavy burden on growing wrists. When tumbling, for example, your daughter's weight is forced onto her wrists for very brief intense periods. Vaulting does the same thing. With the uneven bars, there is the strength the wrist needs to support her and help her swing. And, with the other events, such as the balance beam, there is, of course, the risk of a fall.

The best way to prevent injury is to be sure that the wrist is healthy to begin with. Don't allow your daughter to practice on injured joints; this can only make things worse. check with your doctor and be sure that your doctor is aware of the signs and symptoms of wrist problems that are unique to gymnasts so that they are not missed by accident.