The idea of snowboarding intrigues me, but I've heard wrist injuries are common. As I get started, what should I know to avoid injuring my wrists?

It is true that snowboarders commonly injure their wrists. Beginners run an even higher risk, as do those who rent their equipment. Likely, a higher number of beginners rent, but this also highlights the importance of making sure your equipment is adjusted properly. Be aware that most wrist injuries occur from a backward fall. Such a fall may be unavoidable, but the injury generally results by placing the arms back to break the fall.

Wrist braces can help. A recent study of over 5,000 snowboarders supports the use of a soft, protective brace. Snowboarders who used wrist braces had fewer wrist injuries compared to those who didn't. Such a brace helps absorb some of the impact of a fall, reducing the chance of a wrist injury.