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Ankle FAQ

More than 20 years ago, I fell off a roof and badly sprained my ankle. After nursing it for a couple of months, I was pretty much able to do everything I usually did and forgot about it. Now lately, that same ankle is getting stiff and sore. Is it possible they are related?

I twisted my ankle when I missed the last step of our stairway. The doctor took X-rays and said it was not broken. How accurate are X-rays for this kind of injury?

My brother and I both sprained our ankles last month in separate accidents. He has bruising and swelling on the outside of the ankle, but my ankle hurts on the inside. Why the difference?

Why is it necessary to have X-rays taken after a sprained ankle? Can't the doctor just examine the foot and see what's wrong?

I had a bad ankle sprain last year. Since then, I keep twisting my ankle for no apparent reason. Why is this, and what can I do to prevent it from happening?

I am being treated for an ankle sprain. My physical therapist has me stand and work my ankle on a big round disk. How does this type of training help?

I had a major ankle sprain after falling from a ladder. So far, my doctor and therapist have had me keep it wrapped, iced, and elevated. Is there anything else I can do to speed up my recovery?

I sprained my ankle six months ago. It still feels like the ankle could give out from under me at any time. Why is that?

I am a gymnast on a college team. I sprained my ankle six weeks ago and still can’t land my jumps. Is there any way to find out exactly which muscles are weak so I can concentrate on those before my next competition?

My daughter is a high school senior. She's been offered scholarships to several universities. One school wants her to play lacrosse. Another school wants her for their women's basketball team. We're looking at all sides of the playtime. Can you tell us if there are more injuries with basketball or lacrosse?

I'm 17 years old (a girl) and very athletic. I made it through high school injury-free. I know girls are more likely to injure their ACLs. Are there other injuries we should watch out for?

I'm just wondering if having a sprained ankle means I'm likely to sprain it again.

My 13-year old daughter just moved up in her ballet class to pointe. Even though the teacher thinks she's ready I'm concerned. She complains about pain in the back of her left ankle that's worse when she's up on her toes. She's starting to sickle over that ankle. I'm worried about an injury. What should I do?

I'm a punt kicker for my high school football team. I usually kick without shoes on. Lately I've been having pain in the back part of my ankle going down the inside of my foot. I really kick better without shoes but I'm wondering if this is causing the pain?

What is an os trigonum? My nephew has this problem and it's keeping him from playing football.

My son is a high jumper in high school track and field events. Lately he's been complaining about ankle pain. Can this be caused by the long hours of training and practice?

I just finished the Boston marathon for the third time. I'd like to run it again but I have bone spurs in my left ankle. Sometimes the ankle is just fine. At other times it hurts and can lock up on me. My doctor has suggested surgery to remove the extra bone. How successful is this operation?

I sprained my ankle last summer. After a few months it seemed to go back to normal. Will I get arthritis in this ankle later?

What is a "pilon fracture?" My niece is having surgery to stabilize her leg after this type of break.

I've heard there's an ankle replacement joint now. What's the latest about this?

My father had a joint replacement that got infected. The doctor is talking about doing a "total revision." What does this mean?

I had arthroscopic surgery on my ankle to find the cause of my chronic ankle pain. The doctor said there was an accessory ligament causing the problem. What's an "accessory ligament?"

I've sprained my ankle three times now (same ankle each time). The doctor says I've damaged the proprioception in my ankle. What is that and can I get it back?

I notice my left ankle "twinges" with certain movements like when I walk on a slanted surface or step down off a curb. Does this mean I am spraining my ankle over and over? I sprained it really badly about a year ago.

My child has just started wearing a Pavlik harness for a hip problem called developmental dysplasia. Are there any problems I should know about with this device?

I have a bad case of cubital tunnel syndrome. The doctor wants to operate. I have two choices. I can have the band of tight tissue across the nerve cut or I can have the nerve moved away from the tunnel it's in. How do I decide what to do?

I'm 43-years old and planning to have my left ankle fused because of severe arthritis from an old injury. What can I expect down the road after this operation?

My doctor tells me I have a pretty good chance of developing arthritis in my right ankle because of a previous severe ankle sprain. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

I saw a report in a sports magazine that says ankle sprains lead to arthritis years later. How long does it take and what happens?

I have Charcot's disease from diabetes in my ankles. Would I be able to get the new ankle replacements I've heard are out now?

I had a total ankle replacement about six months ago. I'd like to get back on the tennis courts now. Are there any guidelines I should follow?

What can you tell me about the downside of ankle arthroscopy? I'm scheduled to have this operation in two weeks.

I'm going to have arthroscopic surgery on my ankle to remove some bone fragments from a football injury. How does the surgeon know where to stick the needle going in?

I broke my ankle in a car accident several years ago. I was 23-years old at the time. Now I'm starting to notice some pain and stiffness in that ankle from time to time. I watched my Grandpa struggle with arthritis in both his ankles for years. Am I destined to have the same fate?

I'm a waitress on my feet for hours at a time. I notice more and more my left ankle swells and aches after a long shift. I did sprain that ankle years ago. Could these new symptoms come from too much time standing on that foot?

I am training on a trampoline for competition in gymnastic events. I've been told ankle injuries are common in this sport. I'd like to find some kind of ankle support to prevent this from happening. What do you recommend?

I've sprained my ankle a few times during gymnastics. It's always been mild and I'm able to get back to practice within a few days. Sometimes I see other gymnasts wearing tape on their ankles. Would this help me?

My father-in-law is going to have a shoulder replacement. He's young enough (66-years old), but the family is concerned because he has diabetes and a previous history of cancer. Is he really a good candidate for this operation?

I began taking a medication for my very sore back. Every time I try to cut down, I feel achy and miserable. I never imagined my doctor would give me a drug that would be addictive.

What is the difference between a broken ankle and a sprained ankle?

If I think I have a broken ankle but I want to wait to be sure, what signs should I watch for to be sure I get it checked?

I am not a young 62-year-old, if you know what I mean. But I'm still a little active. I don't run marathons, but I do like to golf and dance once in a while. The problem is I've got a bum ankle from arthritis. Am I too old for some kind of surgery for this problem?

Three years ago, I had a total ankle replacement for a rheumatoid arthritic ankle. According to my X-rays, it looks like the implant is starting to sink down into the bone. I'm going to be seeing a specialist but what can be done about this?

Four months ago, I had surgery to reconstruct my ankle. I had a worn and arthritic ankle joint on one side. I was trying to avoid having a fusion. But I'm no better off than before the surgery. Pain and loss of motion affect the way I walk. Even my balance is off. How long do I have to wait before going ahead with the fusion after all?

X-rays of my right ankle show arthritis just on one side of the joint. I'd really like to keep training for a marathon but the pain is starting to get to me. I don't think fusing the joint is such a good idea. Can something else be done to fix the problem?

Years ago, I broke and dislocated my right ankle. Everything healed nicely at the time. But, now the pain from arthritis has really gotten to me. The surgeon recommends fusion of the two main joints. I forgot to ask if I'll need a brace or anything like that.

Six months ago, I had a special locking nail put in my ankle to fuse it. Everything has healed fine. There's no pain, and I only walk with a small limp (compared to before the operation). My question is: after the surgery, I moved to a different state. Do I need to have someone here keep an eye on this thing?

Please help me out. I want to get ready for the ski season. The problem is, I keep spraining my right ankle. What can I do to get this back in shape?

My son was diagnosed with bone marrow edema after he broke his ankle. What is usually done for that?

Last month I had a treatment to my spine called IDET. Now that I'm feeling human again, I started wondering how they actually do this procedure. I know the surgeon explained it all to me. But I was in so much pain, I didn't hear much of anything. I'm a little embarrassed to ask my doctor to re-explain it to me, so I thought I could find out from you.

I have an ankle problem called osteochondritis. I've been told to see a physical therapist for treatment, but I know I may need surgery. How does this problem usually turn out?

Our 16-year-old daughter is a very good gymnast. She sprained her ankle this morning so we are scouring the web for any information possible on what to do to get her back on her feet as soon as possible.

My son is heading into high school sports. I'd like to do everything possible to help him prevent injuries. He's especially prone to ankle sprains. What kind of shoes work best for this?

Why is it taking longer for surgeons to find better ways to operate on ankles than on other joints like the knees and hips? I read that they don't like to do that smaller surgery where they use a camera and that this is only for the bigger joints.

My niece developed pain in her ankle, in the top in front. It hurts most when she sits and points her toes towards her body, for example. The doctor said it was due to something getting pinched and that it was caused by her dancing. What is that and how is it fixed?

If my ankle gets "fused", will I be able to walk normally again like I did before the arthritis set in?

I had some injections into my knee that was supposed to make them slippery again. My arthritis seems much better since then. I checked into having the same treatment for my ankle, but they said it isn't available in the U.S. yet. I'd have to go to Europe if I really want that. Is it in the works here?

I hurt my back in a bicycle accident over a year ago. Despite medical and chiropractic treatment, I still have back pain. My doctors think I'm actually dealing with two separate injuries, but I'm not convinced. It seems like I've had constant back pain ever since the accident. Is there some way to sort this all out? Can I figure out what's from the first accident and what's from something else?

I hate to admit it but I smacked the front of my ankle into a steel support on a construction project I was working on. I went to the clinic but they didn't find anything wrong. Now two months later, I find out I actually ruptured my tibialis anterior tendon. I'm scheduled for surgery but with all the delays, they can't guarantee me a perfect result. How could this have been missed two months ago?

I've been reading up on various ways to surgically repair deep tears of joint cartilage. I'd like to be able to talk intelligently with the surgeon. I found one report on-line about a sandwich procedure but I didn't really understand what this was. Can you please explain it to me?

I had a special surgery done on my ankle to repair a big hole in the cartilage. The surgeon transferred normal, healthy cartilage from my knee to the ankle. In two more weeks, I'll be headed into therapy. What can I expect from that?

A friend of mine said that spraining your ankle is worse than breaking it because it takes longer to heal and often doesn't heal properly. Is this true?

What is the best way to treat a sprained ankle? Is it better to use ice, wrap it up, stay off it?

Years ago I had to choose between an ankle fusion and an ankle replacement. The implants used in the replacement were fairly new and unpredictable. So I went with the fusion. I've always wondered if I made the right choice. What's the status of ankle replacement these days?

I sprained my ankle badly enough to break a piece of bone off the corner of the talus. After unsuccessfully trying to rehab myself, I've given up and scheduled surgery. The surgeon is going to do a procedure called an osteochondral autograft. They'll take a piece of bone and cartilage from inside my knee and transfer it into the hole in my talus. It's been over a year since the initial injury. Will the success of this surgery be compromised by the lengthy delay?

I'm looking into the possibility of having an ankle replacement. What I've found so far is that only certain people qualify for this operation. How do they decide who can get one?

Our 18-year-old son is still on our insurance policy. He recently sprained his ankle big time. X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs all show damage to the talus bone with a corner of the bone broken off. And there are several loose pieces of bone or cartilage inside the joint causing pain and a locking sensation of the joint. He doesn't want to have surgery. What happens if we just let him go? Could he and up worse than he is now?

I've always had weak ankles right from the start. After spraining them both (again), I went to see an athletic trainer to get some exercises. But even after six weeks of doing them everyday, last Saturday, I sprained my left ankle again. What am I doing wrong?

As a computer freak consumer, I do all my research for cars, vacuums, goods and services (including health care) while on-line. I'm currently looking for a good hand surgeon to treat my De Quervain's disease. Everything I read says I should find someone who is evidence-based. I'd like to be evidence-based in my research, too. What do you recommend?

I don't know if you've ever seen the Bill Murray movie Lost in Translation but that describes me. I just came back from the orthopedic surgeon's office. I listened while they described three or four possible ways to treat the torn cartilage in my ankle. I have papers and pamphlets of all kinds. I can't remember half of what was said. Could you go over this with me again. I am lost in the translation. What's a debridement, OAT, ACI, and MACI? Which one should I go for?

I broke my ankle about a year ago. The fracture healed but the painful symptoms never went away. Eventually, they discovered a big hole in the cartilage around one of the ankle bones. The surgeon is going to take a plug of cartilage and bone from inside my knee and put it in the hole in my ankle bone. Have you ever heard of this technique? Is it safe?

I have early arthritis (severe) in my right ankle because of a very bad injury years ago. The surgeon presented me with two options: fusion or joint replacement. I'm not really ready for this! Help me understand how these two choices work. Which one should I go with?

I've heard there's a new way to get healthy cartilage to grow back in damaged joints. I have a bum ankle that got tore up in a car accident several years ago. I know surgery is involved and I'd have to wear a cage contraption around the lower leg. Would this work for someone like me?

Last time I checked with my surgeon about possible treatment for my ankle arthritis, I was told there were three choices: clean the joint out, fuse it, or replace the joint. I opted for number four: do nothing. But I check back every now and again to see if there's anything new that could help me. Is there?

I guess I have a pretty unusual problem called extrasynovial synovial osteochrondromatosis. It's in my ankle. Can you tell me a little about what this is and what causes it?

I had a pea-sized mass removed from my right ankle. The pathologist's report called it a synovial osteochondromatosis. The surgeon explained that this is an overgrowth of the fluid in my joint that hardens to form bits of cartilage and bone. Now that it's gone, I can move my ankle again. What are the chances it will come back?

I had kind of an experimental treatment for a torn tendon that didn't work. It was an injection of platelet-rich plasma into the injured Achilles tendon. I'm a pretty quick healer and I was so sure this was the answer. If it worked for other people, why didn't it work for me?

I tore my Achilles tendon playing ice hockey with a bunch of kids 30-years younger than me. I knew I was the old geezer trying to keep up but what the heck! Now I'm paying the price. At age 52, I expect more injuries that might take a little longer to heal than when I was a young buck. But it's been three months and I'm still hobbling around. Why is this taking so long?

I know all the pros and cons of having my ankle fused versus going for a joint replacement. What I really want to know is what kind of results people get years later -- especially if there are problems after surgery. Got any information like that for me?

I've been crippled by arthritis in my right ankle. Despite all of my efforts, the pain and stiffness are getting worse instead of better. I do yoga. I get acupuncture. Occassionally I treat myself to a massage. But I've had to give up running, then jogging, now hiking. It's time to do something. I saw a surgeon who gave me two options: fusion or joint replacement. Before I leap, I'm checking to see what kinds of problems come with both of these operations.

Our son was in a snowboarding accident and smashed into a tree foot first. The ankle shattered into many pieces. Both bones in the lower leg were broken. From the X-ray, it's clear that nothing in the ankle is lining up properly. The foot is swollen with open wounds and bones sticking out. Yet they are delaying surgery and we can't figure out why. Shouldn't they be getting in there and patching things back together?

Our daughter was in a horseback riding accident that resulted in many fractures in her ankle. The surgeon called it a pilon fracture and showed us drawings and computer calculations for how the surgery will be done. Do these type of fractures always take this much coordination, thought, and planning? We're pretty impressed with the surgeon but maybe this is standard operating procedure so-to-speak.

My older brother played football through high school and college. He always wore lace-up ankle braces and swore by them. Being the younger brother out to prove something, I have ignored his advice but secretly wonder if he's right. Should I be wearing these braces? I haven't injured myself yet but I'm only a sophomore in high school so far.

I'm on the defensive team of my high school football squad. The coach wants us to wear a lace-up ankle brace during practice. I'm embarrassed to say I don't really know how to put it on or wear it. Does it go over or under the sock? How do I know if it is tight enough? I don't know exactly what type of brace it is to tell you. It's black with the letters DONJOY printed sideways on the front.

O geez. I sprained the outside edge of my left ankle two months ago and it never healed right. Clicking, popping, pain, etc. Finally saw an orthopedist. Said I need surgery because the tendon is popping in and out of the groove. Yikes. Is there anything else that can be done?

I sprained my ankle doing a stupid move on my motorcycle. It never seemed to heal so I finally went in for help. They discovered the tendons along the outside of my leg aren't staying in the groove where they are supposed to be. The doc said it was unusual but I didn't catch what was unusual and why mine aren't staying where they are supposed to. Can you help explain this to me?

Well, it's getting near the end of the year. Time to make a decision about my poor ankle before my insurance runs out and I have to start my deductible all over again. The surgeon says I have a chronically unstable ankle from a dozen sprains and resprains. It's all been on the outside of the ankle. Lucky me. But really I guess I am fortunate because this surgeon does something new called a hybrid ligament reconstruction. What do you guys know about this operation? Should I go with it?

I just noticed yesterday when I was playing Simon Says with my five-year-old that I can no longer stand on my left leg without falling over. I did have surgery on that side two years ago for a badly sprained ankle. But I went through physical therapy and everything seemed fine back then. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

I can't believe this but I helped a friend push his car off the road and got a ruptured Achilles tendon for my efforts. Didn't know how bad it was until it was too late to repair. Now I'm facing major surgical reconstruction. What are my chances or a full recovery?

Have you ever heard of using the hamstring muscle to repair the Achilles tendon? This is the type of surgery my surgeon wants to do on me. But I can't see injuring another area of the body (hamstring muscle) to fix the first problem (Achilles tendon rupture). What do you think?

Next week I am having arthroscopic surgery to remove a tiny bone caught between the lower leg bone and the heel bone. I expect to have a full and easy recovery. But I would like to know more about other patients' experiences. Does anyone "fail" with this kind of operation? What happens then?

I am a dance instructor in a large city. I've always known I have an extra bone (os trig?) in my ankle that should come out but I haven't wanted to be off work for any length of time. Now it looks like I'll be forced to have it done because I can hardly walk on it much less dance. I see that most of these procedures leave only a tiny scar. The surgeon I spoke with called it "minimally invasive." That doesn't matter to me now so much as the recovery time. Is there any kind of surgery that can get me back on me feet faster (fastest)?

I have debilitating rheumatoid arthritis through my feet making walking difficult, is surgery an option for my condition?

What is the difference between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis?

Three months ago, I sprained my ankle badly. Normally, I'm very active, but this injury has kept me from doing anything beyond going to work and doing the bare minimum at home. I'm tired of being couped up! A friend told me that if my ankle hurts, I should stay off of it. Is this true?

My physical therapist has talked about using passive joint mobilization to treat my sprained ankle. What is passive joint mobilization, and how does it work?

I sprained my ankle, and my buddy said something about "rice." Is this a special diet or what?

I sprained my ankle at a track meet. My coach wants me to see a physical therapist, but I say I can ice and wrap my ankle on my own. Is physical therapy worth my time?

What causes ankle fractures among snowboarders?

I had a severe ankle sprain during a tennis match last year. The ankle feels unsteady to me, like I can't trust it. It also rolls in without warning. Why is this, and what can be done for it?

I just took up snowboarding. Are my ankles likely to get hurt?

I was coming down from a lay up during a basketball game two days ago. When I landed, my foot rolled in and I tore a ligament on the outside of my ankle. Will I need surgery to fix this problem, or are there things I can do to avoid surgery?

I am a snowboarder, and I've had a couple of painful ankle sprains. Should I do something about it?

I sprained the ligaments on the outside of my ankle four months ago and still have pain, stiffness, and swelling whenever I use the ankle. Could there be something else going on in the ankle that is keeping me from getting better?

I sprained my ankle and have a lot of swelling and pain. Why does the joint feel unstable, and what can I do to make it better?

How can you tell whether an ankle is broken or just sprained?

Six months ago, my 15-year-old son jumped up in the air and clicked his heels together. When he landed on the ground, he broke his right heel bone into several pieces. The doctor says it's healed now, but my son still has pain. What could be causing his lingering pain?

I'm recovering from an ankle sprain. My physical therapist says I'm getting better because the swelling has gone down. But I still have a lot of pain in my ankle, and I can't do the things I usually do. What's going on? Am I getting better or not?

When it comes to ankle sprains, how much is swelling related to ankle function?

As a physical therapist, I see a lot of patients with sprained ankles. I usually measure around the ankle in a figure eight to check for swelling. Is this a good measure of treatment results over time?

My 11-year-old daughter has just started dancing in toe shoes at her ballet class. After complaining about foot pain for a week, I took her to see the doctor. The doctor said my daughter has an avulsion fracture. What is this?

I've sprained my ankle several times playing sports. My doctor thinks I may need surgery to stabilize the ankle. I'm afraid surgery will end my athletic career. Do most athletes stay active after this kind of surgery?

What kinds of surgical techniques are used to stabilize an ankle with chronic sprains?

I've sprained my ankle three times playing basketball. My doctor says there are ways to fix my ankle--one using the original ligament and one using tendon from my leg. Which type is better?

I recently sprained my ankle. The information I received suggested "cold therapy" as a form of treatment for the first 24 hours. What does this mean, and how do I use it?

Last month, I saw a doctor for a sprained ankle. I was told it was a second-degree sprain of the ligaments on the outside of my ankle. No X-ray or other test was performed. How does the doctor know for sure the extent of the injury?

My daughter sprained her ankle in gymnastics last week. She is no longer using crutches, but she can't put her full weight on that foot. When is it safe for her to return to gymnastics class?

I sprained my ankle two weeks ago. I have been using ice and keeping the ankle wrapped with an ace wrap. When can I use heat instead of ice?

I have diabetes with some loss of sensation in my feet. Because of this, I have to be very careful to protect my feet and avoid injuries. Is it possible to compensate for this by improving sensation in my ankles?

After playing volleyball for a few hours, my ankles feel wobbly and weak. What causes this? Is there something I can do about it?

I am a gymnast on a college team. I sprained my ankle six weeks ago and still can’t land my jumps. Is there any way to find out exactly which muscles are weak so I can concentrate on those before my next competition?

I was coming down off the bleachers at a basketball game and missed the last step. My foot twisted in and I sprained my ankle. Do I need to strengthen all the muscles around the ankle or just the ones I sprained?

I sprained my ankle six months ago. It still feels like the ankle could give out from under me at any time. Why is that?

Is it really true having a foot amputated is better than fusing the ankle joint for severe arthritis?

About 18 months ago I had a total ankle replacement for severe ankle arthritis. Everything seemed to be going good until last month. I started to have ankle pain and a loss of motion. It almost feels like the joint is jammed together. Is this possible?

What's the difference between an ankle takedown and an ankle arthrodesis? My husband's surgeon used both these words when talking about an operation for his severe ankle arthritis.

My surgeon has given me a choice between ankle fusion and ankle replacement. Which is better?

What is a pilon fracture?

I sprained my right ankle at least a dozen times during high school and college sports. Now I can hardly walk without it giving way. Is there anything that can be done about this?

I'm the assistant volleyball coach at a large community college. One of my goals this year is to reduce the number of ankle injuries for our team. What have other people done to prevent ankle sprains in athletes?

I'm a college-level volleyball player with weak ankles. I trained extra to prevent ankle injuries and ended up hurting my knee. Am I just prone to injury no matter what I do?

My 15-year old daughter seems to sprain her ankles easily. Would a brace or taping help or do these just weaken the ankle more?

I'm having knee pain whenever I go up and down stairs or sit for more than a half hour. My doctor has suggested trying a shoe insert. How can this help my knee?

My daughter hurt her ankle last year snowboarding. X-rays at the time were negative and it was diagnosed and treated as an ankle sprain. It's been eight months and she still has pain and swelling off and on. Some days she can't even walk on it. Is there anything that can be done for her?

I took up snowboarding last year after years of downhill skiing without injury. My first time out, I landed on my left foot and hurt myself. At first the doctor didn't think anything was broken because the X-ray was negative. I went back to the doctor when it didn't get better. They found a piece of bone had broken off the talus bone in the ankle. Why didn't the X-ray show this?

Have you ever heard of anyone having his or her foot amputated for arthritis? My grandma just had this done and it doesn't make any sense to me.

It looks like the new ankle joint I had put in two years ago isn't going to make it. Infection and bone fracture around the implant spells failure. I have another appointment with my doctor next week but I'm trying to find out what my options might be, Do you have any ideas?

I have really bad arthritis in my left ankle from a motorcycle accident years ago. I've been told I can either have it fused or get an ankle joint replacement. After reading all the pros and cons for both operations, it looks like the implant costs more. Is it worth the extra 10 grand (US$10,000)?

What is a Snowboarder's fracture?

Have you ever heard of a high ankle sprain? My daughter hurt her ankle while playing hockey and this is what the doctors are calling it?

I hurt my ankle during a college hockey game. The athletic trainer and doctor both think I have an ankle sprain called "syndesmosis." There's no swelling and no bruising. I can walk fine but I just can't seem to make the turns while skating. Pushing off on the ice is really painful. Do you think the diagnosis is correct? Should I get an X-ray?

My son sprained his ankle during a hockey game. How is that possible when he was wearing hockey boots? Don't they protect the ankle?

I just saw an X-ray of the huge screw the doctor put in my son's ankle. It's for a torn ligament between the two lower leg bones. We've been told a second operation will be needed. This one will take it out when everything's healed. Is there any way to avoid this second surgery?

I recently injured my lower leg and ankle in a motorcycle accident. There's a screw now holding the lower leg bones together while they heal. I have to wear a cast for six weeks. Why do I need the cast if there's a screw in place?

My ankle frequently gives way underneath me from an injury I had years ago. The doctor tells me it is "unstable" but what does that mean exactly? What's going on?

After spraining my ankle I notice I can step down off stairs or curbs but I still can't jump across a puddle or other obstacles. How long does it take to get this skill back?

I've had two ankle injuries in the last two years (same ankle). Is there any way to tell if I'm going to have another injury?

My 17-year old daughter has been diagnosed with posterior ankle impingement. She is going to have an operation to help decrease the pain and improve motion. The doctor is planning to cut the ankle open. Can’t this be done with an arthroscope?

My daughter's ballet teacher had to quit dancing because of a condition called os trigonum syndrome. What is this?

I'm treating my own ankle sprain at home following my doctor's advice. Every day I use a tape measure to see if the swelling is going down. Is this really accurate?

After a bad ankle sprain I went to physical therapy for rehab. The therapist used a simple tape measure to check for swelling. With all of today's modern technology is this really the best way to measure?

I sprained my ankle over the weekend and ended up in the emergency room for treatment. The nurses and doctors spent the whole time telling me how to get the swelling down. This may sound dumb, but why is that so important?

Wow! I broke my ankle six weeks ago, and when they took the cast off, I could barely move my foot and ankle. Is this common?

I have had a cast on my ankle for four weeks for a bone fracture. Now that the cast is off, I'm slowly (very slowly) getting my motion back. I can see how immobilizing the joint can cause stiffness but why is it taking so long to get over?

I broke my ankle when I was thrown from my horse. I had to have surgery to pin the bones together. Now that the cast is off I'd like to go horseback riding again. Is this allowed?

My son injured his ankle in a sports injury. He saw several athletic trainers and therapists with no improvement. Then a physical therapist did a joint manipulation on the ankle and he was back playing the same day. Is that all that's needed? What if it happens again?

I've been told by a chiropractor that the best way to treat my ankle problem is with a manipulation. I really don't like having my joints snapped and popped. Is there any other way to fix the problem? I have a sprained ankle with cuboid syndrome.

What's a "cuboid syndrome?" My daughter is a ballet dancer and off her feet with this problem. What can be done to treat it?

I am a competitive runner. During my training for a marathon, I increased my mileage. Shortly after that, I twisted my ankle while running. My ankle doesn’t hurt, but my knee does. There’s a painful tenderness along the outside of the knee, just below the joint. Can an ankle sprain cause pain at the knee?

We just found out why our son has sprained his ankle so many times. The doctor suggested all that jumping and landing has damaged his balance mechanism in the ear. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

My daughter is a high school basketball player. I notice when she goes up for a layout and lands on her right foot there's always a little wobble of her ankle. Could this be from an old ankle sprain?

Last week I sprained my ankle when I was dancing on carpeting in tennis shoes. I have a big dance showcase coming up in about two months. Will my ankle be better by then?

My ankle keeps going out from underneath me when I'm walking. I had an X-ray and everything was normal. The doctor says I have "functional ankle instability." What does that mean?

A year ago I sprained my right ankle. It doesn't hurt but it gives out on me. What could be causing this?

Last week I sprained my ankle when I was dancing on carpeting in tennis shoes. I have a big dance showcase coming up in about two months. Will my ankle be better by then?

My wife has a problem with her leg called CRPS. It started after she had her leg veins stripped for varicose veins. She often complains of pain. I notice the skin seems very thin and shiny in her lower leg. She's lost all the hair on her leg except a hairy patch in one area. What causes these changes?

What is a Maisonneuve fracture?

I've sprained my ankle playing football twice. The first time it was the right ankle. I was able to get back on the field in a couple weeks. This time it's the other ankle. The doctor called it a syndesmosis injury. How long does it take to recover from this kind of ankle sprain?

What is a stress radiograph? My son is supposed to have one for an ankle sprain that hasn't healed.

I'm a high school football coach. We seem to have a high number of ankle sprains putting our players on the bench. Is this typical? What can we do about it?

I've heard it's possible to do spinal fusion with tiny incisions now. Can they do this anywhere in the spine (like the neck)?

I've heard of a frozen shoulder but what's a frozen ankle? My uncle is having surgery for this problem even as I send you this question.

A year ago I fractured my ankle and had a very slow recovery. Everything finally seemed to be working fine but now it's starting to stiffen up and hurt quite a bit. Am I going to have problems like this for the rest of my life?

I jumped down off a small log and landed on both feet. Unfortunately I hit just right and broke my ankle. It's not healing very well. How long should I wait before thinking about having surgery?

I took my father to the clinic for his preop visit. He's going to have ankle surgery. They showed us a videotape of the operation. I wonder how much older folks like Dad really get out of this. Wouldn't it be better if the nurse or doctor explained everything?

In the last three years I've started to have ankle pain when walking. The doctor thinks it's from a motorcycle accident I had 10 years ago. I broke my ankle then and it took a long time to mend. What is it that causes the pain exactly?

I'm supposed to go see an orthotist tomorrow and get fitted for a brace to help reduce my arthritic ankle pain. I went on-line and saw many different types of orthotics. How do I know which one to ask for?

I have ankle osteoarthritis. My doctor thinks I should get a plastic brace for my foot and ankle. How is this going to help me walk better?

I went to the emergency department for what turned out to be a Grade III ankle sprain. The doctor advised using a cast for a week to 10 days before switching to an ankle brace. I have a newspaper route and can't afford to let the cast slow me down. What are my options?

I sprained my ankle pretty good when I stepped down off the curb wrong. I've got a big walking trip to Europe planned in three weeks. Is there any way I can speed up the recovery process?

I'm 42-years old and suddenly I've developed a bad case of arthritis in my left ankle. What can cause this to happen?

I just came back from the orthopedic surgeon's office. X-rays taken show the start of osteoarthritis. All the X-rays were taken with me standing. Wouldn't it be better to see them while off my feet? I'm not always on my feet.

My 17-year old son hurt his back during a soccer practice. He pretty much thinks he is invincible at this age. He does seem pretty strong. We've always joked all that testosterone is protecting him. Is there any truth to this idea?

I'm a running back on a college football team. I sprained my ankle last season, and I still haven't gotten back my ability to make quick movements and change direction fast. No matter how much I practice my agility drills that ankle still gives me fits. Is there anything else I can do to get back what I've lost?

Every now and then my ankle gives way on me. I sprained it about two years ago. It feels like I'm respraining it a little bit each time this happens. Why does this happen?

My daughter is a competitive athlete on two sports teams for her high school. After spraining both her ankles, the coach advised her to see a physical therapist. One of the treatments was with electric current that made the muscles contract. My daughter said it really helped her get back into action. What does this kind of treatment really do?

I tweaked an old ankle injury ice skating last night. There's quite a bit of swelling along the outside ankle bone. I know the swelling will go down on its own. Is there any real reason to get treatment for this?

Our 13-year old son had a serious leg injury while at soccer camp. The X-ray showed a piece of bone between the two bones in the lower leg. The doctor said this wasn't normal. What could cause something like this to grow in a child?

It's been three months since I had a car accident and got a bad neck whiplash. I'm not getting better, and I'd like to get back to work now. What kind of exercise program will help me get back to my previous level of strength?

Does ankle taping really work? I see many of my teammates using various methods of taping to keep from re-spraining their ankles. If it works, which type of taping is best?

I am a gymnast coming up on a big regional tournament. About two weeks ago, I sprained my ankle. My coach wants me to wear tape during the competition. I'm worried it will hold me back. What should I do?

Do the night-time only braces work as well as the daytime braces for scoliosis?

My three oldest children were all screened for vision, hearing, and scoliosis in school. Now my youngest child is going through but I was told there's no screening. What happened?

I'm just home from a hospital stay for ankle surgery from a motorcyle accident. I have a bunch of screws in my ankle. I've been told not to put any weight on the foot until I see the doctor again in six weeks. It seems like with all those screws it should be safe enough to hobble around. What's the reason for not even being allowed to touch my foot to the floor?

I was in our state high school rodeo finals last weekend. I injured my ankle big time during the calf roping event. Had to have surgery with two pins through my ankle. Doc says it's an ankle fracture with a syndesmotic injury. Can you explain what that means?

My mother has a lot of pain in her ankle from arthritis and can barely walk because of the pain. My aunt had a hip replacement when her hip bothered her so much and my friend's mother had a knee replacement. Why don't they do ankle replacements? My mother has only been offered a surgery that glues her bones together so they don't move.

How long does it take to recover from an ankle replacement?

I have heard of microfractures in treating injuries like cartilage tears. What is the procedure?

What exactly is involved in a knee transplant? How is it done?

What's the best treatment for a triplanar ankle fracture?

Our 23-year old son is on a semi-professional baseball team. He says he tore his knee cartilage clear down to the bone and needs surgery. They are going to drill tiny holes in and around the damaged area. What kind of rehab will he need to get back in the game?

How long can you go on getting massages for a sore back?

My wife fell and broke her left ankle last weekend. She happens to be a diabetic, so the medical team read us a long list of things that could happen. Good grief -- why scare her with all the things that could happen before they do? There's no sense in borrowing trouble. Was this really necessary?

I brought Mother home from the hospital last night. She has diabetes and she broke her ankle requiring surgery. The nurses gave us a long list of Dos and Don'ts. They were very firm in telling us we had to follow the instructions exactly. My sister and I have been taking care of Mother all our lives. What is all the fuss about?

The girls in our dance school seem to be getting injured right and left. Is there any way to screen them ahead of time and prevent some of these injuries?

Have you ever heard of a sural nerve injury? Our 15-year-old daughter is an equestrian rider. She got bucked off a horse and her foot was stuck in the stirrup. Now she has numbness and tingling in her ankle and foot. The diagnosis is sural nerve injury. What does that mean? Will she get better?

Our son is in training to be a professional dancer. Last weekend, he sprained his right ankle badly. With a series of performances coming up, he has to get back on his feet quickly. What do you recommend?

Ten years ago, I looked into having an ankle joint replacement for my arthritis. Back then, there were too many problems with the implants. I'm still gimping around with my painful, limited ankle. Are things any better now that I should consider this again?

About two years ago, I sprained my ankle big time. It never has healed properly. In fact, I think I may have resprained it several times just in the last few months. Now I'm worried that I'll end up with arthritis in that joint. Can I do anything to prevent this from happening?

Our 16-year-old daughter is getting ready for her dance recital. She was dancing around the house in tennis shoes and sprained her ankle. The doctor at the emergency department gave her some basic instructions to rest and ice the ankle. Will this be enough to get her back on her feet in time to dance?

It's beeen a month since I sprained my ankle and I still can't raise up on my toes on that side. How much longer will it be before I have my full strength and motion back?

I keep spraining my ankle doing the dumbest things. One time it was getting off my bicycle. Another time I stepped off the curb wrong. Last night, I tripped over the dog's tennis ball. I think I need to put some kind of splint or ace wrap on it. What would you suggest?

Years ago, I sprained my left ankle badly. After a long time, it finally got better on its own. Now I keep injuring the calf muscle. I'm worried it might tear. What can I do to keep from respraining the ankle and/or tearing the Achilles tendon?

I'm about to turn myself into the physical therapist. I've sprained and resprained the same ankle four times this month. My own exercise program isn't working. What will a rehab expert do that I haven't done for myself?

I'm doing a rehab program for my ankle because I keep spraining it. The hardest thing is using the rocker and wobble boards. I just can't seem to balance on the dang things. What do you suggest?

My 16-year-old daughter is a very serious ballet dancer. She hopes to finish her last year of high school at an international dance academy. But over the summer, she was diagnosed with a bone fragment in her ankle that has to be removed. Can this be done quickly and easily? What are the results of this type of surgery?

I am a sprinter for our high school track team. Whenever I push off from the starting blocks, I get a sharp pain in the back of my ankle. What could be causing this?

My daughter was out skiing over Christmas break and sprained her ankle badly. The X-rays and MRIs show a separation between the two bones in the lower leg. They called this a high ankle sprain. How long should we expect her to be off her feet? We have a family ski trip planned in two weeks.

I am a bronc rider on a college rodeo team. Last season, I got my foot caught in a stirrup and tore the ligaments holding the bones together in the lower part of my leg. It's been more than two months since the injury and I'm still gimping around. What can I do to get back in shape?

I've been taping my left ankle before basketball practice. Since I sprained it twice last year, it seems more wobbly than ever. But I saw a physical therapist who told me that taping may not be helpful if it's not done right. She showed me a way to do it that is supposed to help improve the way the tape moves with the skin. Do you think this really matters?

I keep spraining both my ankles. I don't even know why this happens. I'll be walking along and all of a sudden, my ankle turns and I'm down. Would an ankle brace or taping help?

After years of ankle sprains, my doctor has suggested surgery to repair the damage and get on with my life. It sounds like they would have to make a fairly long incision on the outside of my lower leg down to my foot. When I had knee surgery last year, they just used a scope. Why can't they do ankle surgery for me with a scope?

I was knocked over by a 100-pound dog chasing a squirrel. I twisted my ankle with enough force to tear the tendon along the outside of my right ankle. The surgeon gave me a choice to try physical therapy or schedule surgery for next week. I'm not really sure what to do. What do you think I should do?

When I had my total knee replacement done, the orthopedic surgeon put me on a blood thinner to help prevent clots. I'm facing possible surgery on my ankle now because of a fracture that healed wrong. Will they automatically put me on those blood thinners again? I really don't like to be taking anything like this.

Mother is 82-years old and lives in Podunk, USA. Yesterday, she broke her ankle tripping over the cat. Now she needs surgery. We want her to come here where there is a large hospital for the surgery. She insists her local orthopedic surgeon will do just fine. Is there any way we can convince her a bigger city-hospital would be better than a small, rural center?

Is there any time you should use heat for an ankle sprain? How long should I keep using ice?

I sprained my left ankle again for what seems like the 10th time. I was just walking across the yard, and my ankle rolled right out from under me. Why does this keep happening to me?

When I watch some of these shows on TV that feature hip-hop and break dancers, I can't help but wonder how they learn those moves without hurting themselves. I've got a 14-year-old son who is big into hip-hop right now. Where would I take him if he ever injured himself?

I confess I have been rolling over on my ankle enough that it's starting to get swollen. As a dance instructor, I don't feel I can tape it or stay off my feet. It wouldn't be a good example to my young students. I'm searching the Internet for any help I can find. What should I do?

Please help! I'm two weeks away from my senior dance recital and I sprained my ankle. What can I do to get fast aid and get back on my feet in time for the show?

I sprained my left ankle out hiking in a prairie dog field. Stepped right into one of their burrow openings and that was that! I'm told I was lucky I didn't just break it. The physician's assistant at the local clinic gave me the usual RICE recipe (rest, ice, compression with an Ace wrap, and elevation above the level of my heart) and suggested rehab with our local physical therapist. I'm not really a rehab kind of guy. Can I just skip that part?

I sprained my ankle last summer and now every once in a while, my ankle just gives out from under me. I never know when it's going to happen. Why does it do this?

I am an athletic trainer with a college-level women's volleyball team. Many of our players ask me to tape their ankles as a precaution against injury. This takes a lot of time, not to mention the cost of the tape. Is there any evidence to support the use of taping for this purpose?

I'm searching the Internet for any help I can find. Our six-year-old daughter broke her femur in a car accident. She was safely in her booster seat in the backseat, but the force of the impact caused her seat to get shoved up under the passenger seat in front of her. Then the passenger seat got lodged against her leg. They have put her in a full spica cast. My problem is I also have a younger child with cerebral palsy who had a hip derotational surgery two weeks ago and she is also in a hip spica. I simply can't handle both. Can the cast be taken off the six-year-old and some other splint be used instead?

Basketball finals and divisionals are coming up. I think I'm ready to get back into the game after a bad ankle sprain. The coach isn't willing to take a chance on me just yet. How can I convince him that I'm AOK?

Is it possible I could have something wrong with my ankle if the X-ray was negative? I was in a motorcyle accident where my foot was smashed hard against the foot pedal. The X-rays looked fine but I don't feel fine. There's a lot of pain where my foot meets my ankle and a lot of swelling there, too.

I thought I sprained my ankle and the doctor agreed but it's not getting better. Something doesn't feel quite right. How long should I wait before going back in to the doctor's office for a second look?

Dad had a stroke two months ago and is slowly recovering. At 72, he's not as motivated as he once was. Mother wants to find every gizmo under the sun to help him. We now have a mini-whirlpool in the bath, a portable sauna in the kitchen, and a set of dumbells in the TV room. What he really needs is help getting his foot flat on the floor. Whenever his foot touches the floor, it starts to jerk and bounce. What can we do about that?

I take my grandmother to physical therapy three times a week for rehab after having a stroke. I notice the therapists always use a handheld device that looks like an air stapler to measure Nana's right foot that was affected by the stroke. What does this tell them?

Our step-daughter is only 14 but she plays sports pretty intensely and now has a big hole in the cartilage of her right ankle. Since she's a right-legged soccer player, this is a bad injury for her. The surgeon says she might be able to lay off from sports, rest awhile and recover nicely. Is there any way to know for sure that this is the best way to handle this type of injury?

I saw a PBS special on the use of robots to perform surgery on humans. One surgeon was using this method to treat holes in the knee cartilage. I had the very same operation the old fashioned way -- with a real doctor. How can these operations be done better with a machine over a trained professional?

What is the best way to treat a sprained ankle and do you have to go to the doctor if you think you have one?

What exactly is a sprained ankle?

My surgeon tells me I have to have two surgeries on my ankle because I have two separate problems: a torn ligament and a piece of loose cartilage inside the joint. Why can't these two operations be done at the same time? I know she explained it to me but everything went by so fast, I don't remember what was said.

I sprained my ankle pretty badly 10 months ago. It just wasn't healing so I had arthroscopic surgery to find out what was wrong and fix it. That was two months ago and my pain hasn't gone away even a bit. I just feel there's something else wrong with the ankle. Is that possible?

Can you tell us what a Maisonneuve ankle fracture is and why it has that name?

I have one more week before the surgeon takes the cast off my leg for a spiral-shaped fracture of the fibular bone. I also tore the ligament between the two leg bones so there are two screws holding the bones together. Should I ask them to take those screws out or do they just leave them in otherwise?

I had an ankle joint replacement two weeks ago. I've been instructed in what to watch for should an infection start to develop. If I'm careful to follow all the instructions, why would I get an infection and if it did, what's the treatment for it?

I've seen two different orthopedic surgeons who have said I'm not a good candidate for an ankle replacement so I'm facing a fusion instead. They both gave me different reasons but I came away wondering why a surgeon wouldn't want to do surgery on me. Isn't that what they do?

Our 13-year-old daughter is becoming a very outstanding gymnast. But she has developed ankle pain from pinched tissues that the surgeon wants to do surgery on. We hate to see her training interrupted. Can this be put off?

One of the best players on our football team is out with an ankle impingement problem. He's scheduled for immediate surgery. We are mid-season. How long will it take for him to recover, rehab, and return to the field?

I damaged the cartilage of my ankle in a football injury several years ago. I've quit playing because the pain is pretty bad. The surgeon I'm seeing has kind of a step-by-step plan to treat this problem starting with getting the weight off the foot. What if that doesn't work?

In one week, my 85-year-old mother, 17-year-old son, and 40-year-old sister sprained their ankles. Just a fluke of fate, I guess. But it got me to wondering, do these three people have something in common or is it really just a random occurrence?

I sprained my ankle last year so badly, I missed an entire season of sports. I was a junior then in high school. Now, I'm a senior and this year, I am presenting a display at a health fair on ankle sprains and prevention. Can you give me any information on this injury that might grab the attention of people passing by?

My employer practically accused me of being a malingerer because I'm not back on the job. I have carpal tunnel syndrome that was deemed "work-related" by my doctor. I've been sent for all kinds of tests while waiting to have surgery. If it were up to me, I would have had the surgery and be back to work by now. How do I respond to this?

I lost three weeks of vacation and two weeks of sick leave because I sprained my ankle badly and then resprained it the first week back to work. What can you tell me about preventing a third sprain? I need this job. I am desperate!

Several years ago, I sprained my ankle and missed a whole basketball season. At that time, the physical therapist I worked with was very specific about including proprioceptive exercises. Now I'm a basketball coach for a middle school group of girls. Is it possible to prevent ankle sprains by doing a proprioceptive training program with them?

I'm checking on-line for any information I can find about how to treat "footballer's ankle". Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Can you tell me what "footballer's ankle" is? I've never heard that term before today when I got an email that my best friend in college is off the field because of it.

I'm checking on-line for any information I can find about how to treat "footballer's ankle. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Can you tell me what "footballer's ankle" is? I've never heard that term before today when I got an email that my best friend in college is off the field because of it.

I'm trying to help our 17-year-old son form realistic expectations about an ankle injury he got playing ice hockey. The orthopedic surgeon called it a high sprain. Our son seems to think the word "sprain" means it's not that bad. But the doctor distinctly said one or more of the ligaments is torn and the ankle is unstable. Surgery wasn't required, so he's starting physical therapy tomorrow. What should we expect in terms of recovery?

I was watching that new TV show Skating with the Stars. The announcer said that my favorite skater was off the ice with a high ankle sprain. What is that and how long will it be before he can get back in the competition?

The surgeon who did my hip replacement thinks I may have an infection in that joint. I'm searching the Internet for any information I can find that will help me navigate this situation. I'd like to be able to ask good questions and seek top notch care. What can you tell me to help me get ready for my next appointment with the surgeon?

What's the risk of complications for ankle fractures treated with pins or metal screws? I guess they call that internal fixation in medical lingo. My wife is headed into surgery for a calcaneal fracture. She seems prone to any and all problems that can develop. I hate to borrow trouble, but i'd like to be prepared.

Dad's surgeon has said, "No" to surgery for a broken ankle (on the inside joint of the heel bone). Since Dad is a smoker, they are going to try a more conservative route. Is this really a reason to turn somebody away from a more secure fracture treatment?

I'm looking into the possibility of having platelets injected into my torn Achilles tendon. It's supposed to help things heal faster. As a semi-pro golfer, I need to get back on my feet quickly. I can't afford anything that's going to hurt my stance or my swing. What do you know about this treatment?

I went to a large university hospital for help with my Achilles tendon rupture. I figured if anyone has the latest treatment, it would be them. They didn't disappoint me -- they are now offering something called "blood injections" into the ruptured area (along with surgery to repair the torn tendon). How much faster is this treatment? How long before I'm back on my feet?

I ruptured my left Achilles tendon and went to see a pretty hip ortho guy. He put me on a fast-paced rehab program instead of doing the usual surgery. It seemed to whiz by. Two weeks in a special splint: no motion and no weight on the foot. Before I knew it, I was in a special boot, putting weight on it and moving the foot. But for all that speed, I still felt like it took a very long time to really get back to full sports participation. So what's all the hype about this "accelerated rehab" program?

I've been told that the best way to get back to full function with an Achilles tendon rupture is to baby it along by wearing a special brace and keeping the foot in a pointed down position. No weight-bearing and no movement. This just doesn't make sense to me. Won't I get stiff and even stuck in that position?

I'm going to have an ankle arthrodesis (fusion) using bone taken from my hip. The surgeon and the nurse must have spent three times as much time telling me about all the problems I could, might, will have where they take the bone from and hardly anything about the ankle. If this is such a big problem, why don't they find some other way to do it?

My twin brother is having an ankle fusion because of some terrible damage done to the bones in a car accident years ago. I hate to ask him too many questions when he's already down. Can you explain to me why he has to have a metal plate and screws if they are using bone graft material to fuse the joint. Why would he need both?

I have had a devastating month. Fell down the stairs when I slipped on one of the cat's toys. Broke my ankle on both sides. Surgery 10 days later. Now I'm finally able to think straight and have a million questions for the surgeon. Don't see her again for a month. Started checking on-line for answers to my questions. First one -- when will they take the screws out?

I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident in Los Angeles. Broke my ankle in three places. Fortunately, I ended up at a large medical/surgical facility where the surgeon did arthroscopic surgery to reconstruct the ankle. I've since heard that arthroscopic ankle surgery isn't available just anywhere. I've had such a great result, I can't help but ask, Why not?

I'm having surgery on my ankle to repair some holes in the cartilage that go down to the bone. The surgeon is planning to use donor bone. Evidently the location of the damage is a tough spot to repair. It's called the "talar shoulder". I saw where it is on the X-rays. Tell me what you can about this procedure.

As soon as the bone bank has fresh donor bone, I'm going to have an implant of bone put into my ankle. The surgeon has told me there is a very small risk of disease being passed from the donor bone to me. After I left the office, I started wondering just what kind of "small risk" are we talking about here? I'm on-line looking for some answers.

I don't get it. I'm 67-years-young, active and in good health. Even so, I broke my ankle badly enough to need surgery and will be "off-line" so-to-speak for weeks while I'm on crutches. No driving, no biking, no putting weight on that foot. I exercise every day. I eat well. How could this happen to me?

My 72-year-old father fell getting up off the couch and broke his ankle. No one wants to touch him to do surgery. They have put him in a splint for the moment and no weight-bearing or walking is allowed. What happens next?

I had a knee replacement five years ago that went fairly well until I developed a condition called heterotopic ossification. We finally got that mess straightened out and now I need an ankle replacement on the same side (same problem from a skiing injury years ago). What are the chances I'll develop this ossification problem in the ankle? Anything I can do to prevent it?

I had an ankle replacement six months ago and just started developing bone fragments in the calf muscle. No use crying over spilt milk. I can't change what has happened. What can I do to keep it from getting worse?

I'm surprised after getting an ankle replacement for my arthritis that I still have pain. It's better than before surgery so I'm not complaining. I'm just wondering if this is normal or if maybe something isn't quite right with my implant. What can you tell me?

Can you give me a quick run-down on the status of ankle replacements these days? Last time I checked, our local surgical center and the surgeons there steered me away from an ankle replacement in favor of a fusion. I wasn't ready for that. It's been quite a few years since that time. So now I'm doing a little Internet research before going back for a second opinion.

A couple of years ago, I had some injections into my knee to help lubricate it. Saved me having surgery. My ankle is starting to bother me now. Can I have these same injections to the ankle?

I'm overweight and my right ankle hurts all the time. X-rays have shown it's osteoarthritis. If I could lose weight, I would. I don't really want surgery -- for the ankle or to staple my stomach and help me lose weight. What do you suggest?

I am an athletic trainer with a group of high schools in the mid-West. I work with all kinds of athletes (hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, golf, tennis, cross country). I'm looking for any information you might have on the use of braces to prevent ankle sprains. We have way too many key players out every year due to ankle injuries. I'd like to do what I can to put a stop to this.

I have more of a comment than a question. Back when I was in high school sports, I sprained my ankle right before a big game. The coach taped it up for me and I played anyway. Now at age 42, I have severe arthritis in that ankle. It's hard to say now if I would do it all over again the same way. Making the winning touchdown was a lifetime memory but I'm suffering for it now. Please tell coaches and athletic trainers to err on the side of caution for their players. Is disability really worth winning (especially at the high school level)?

I understand that ankle replacements are kind of like the new kid on the block. I've been told results aren't as good as with a hip or knee. Still, it seems like it's worth a try. My ankle hurts so bad now I'd like to cut the whole thing off. But there's always that nagging doubt in the back of my mind. Should I or shouldn't I do it?

I had an ankle replacement eight months ago and still have as much pain as I did before the surgery. I've done everything the surgeon and physical therapist have told me. I have a strong and stable ankle joint but it hurts like a son of a gun. No one seems to know why. What can you folks tell me (if anything)?

I have type 2 diabetes and a long list of problems caused by this condition. Last fall, I developed a frozen shoulder. They say it's from my heart condition compounded by my diabetes. Now my right ankle is starting to act up. What can I do to prevent a frozen ankle?

One morning two months ago, I woke up with a stiff ankle. Before I knew it, the dang thing was locked up tight. The doctor is calling it a mysterious case of "frozen ankle." Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Do you think they will ever approve the use of injections of rooster combs into the ankle for arthritis? It worked great for both my knees but when I asked about using it for my ankle arthritis I was told the FDA hasn't approved it for that type of use yet. How long will I have to wait?

I had some special injections to my knee for arthritis that helped smooth things out and improve pain and motion. It was expensive but my insurance company paid for it (well they paid the usual 80 per cent). I asked about having the same treatment for my ankle arthritis and they flat refused to pay. What's up with that? Can I fight it?

I have the most painful ankle in the world. In fact, I'm literally ready to have the surgeon just cut the foot off. I can't walk much less run. Can't ride my horse anymore. Can't keep up with my grandkids. I asked about a joint replacement but the surgeon put me off. Said it was too 'experimental.' I know people are getting them. What do other patients say about their results? If it's good, I'm going to find someone to do the surgery anyway.

I'm trying to find some information on ankle replacement surgery. I've seen two surgeons who both think I'm a pretty good candidate for this type of surgery. I've talked with two other patients who seem very happy with their results. What's the general word on the street about doing this? I know it's a fairly new-ish procedure and that it hasn't been perfected yet. What do you think I should know?

I'm searching the web for any information I can find about severe ankle sprains with bone damage. The surgeon says I have an osteochondral lesion -- that's a hole in the bone where the injury was the worst. I guess it was a bad enough sprain to actually pull away some cartilage and a piece of bone with it. I see there is a lot of information about this type of injury in the knee but not much on the ankle. Can the ankle be treated with the OAT bone grafting they use in the knee?

I'm checking to see what you know about a bone graft to the talus bone of the ankle. This is supposed to fill in a hole in the ankle bone where I had a major injury from spraining my ankle. I guess what I really want to know is whether or not I'll be able to play ball again. I'm not a professional athlete or anything like that. But I like to play all kinds of intramural and recreational sports. Am I looking at being sidelined for the rest of my life?

I have what's called end-stage arthritis in my left ankle. It really affects my walking. Even getting around the house can be a real chore some days. I try not to let this get me down but I have to admit it does put a damper on my life. Do other people feel this way too? Or am I just having a pity party for myself?

I have arthritis in one ankle from a bad break I got when I was a wild and wooley 20-something. Now I'm paying for it in my 40s. Is there any way to tell if I'm getting worse over time and when I should have surgery? I want to put it off for as long as possible.

My parents are at the hospital with my younger sister who twisted her ankle while running. She's 11-years-old but still kind of clumsy. They called and said she might have to have surgery. Why would you have to have surgery for an ankle sprain?

After tearing my Achilles tendon, I've been put on a special program of wearing a removable brace and gently moving my ankle through part of the motion twice a day. I feel really apprehensive about the movement. I'm worried I'll retear the healing tissue. The surgeon assures me I'll be fine if I follow his instructions exactly. What do you think?

I am reading conflicting reports about how to treat an Achilles tendon rupture. Even on your website there are some studies that say surgery is better and others that recommend a nonsurgical treatment plan. What's the overall big picture view?

I am looking at putting an end to my chronically cranky and very painful ankle. The surgeons says according to the X-rays and CT scan I have end-stage osteoarthritis. She is recommending an ankle fusion using the newer arthroscopic method. Call me old-school but I'm not always convinced new is better. In this case, is it?

I'm scheduled to have an ankle fusion next week. The surgeon I'm seeing didn't answer all my questions today. He says "don't overthink this." But I would still like to know what kind of problems I could potentially run into after surgery. I did read the patient disclosure form with all the usual blood clots that can kill you kind of stuff. What about the actual ankle? Will it work? Will I be better?

I think I'm probably not a good person to have a knee replacement but maybe you can tell me for sure. I have what they call fear avoidance. I'm afraid to do much because if I do, the pain shoots up from a three to a 10 immediately. My husband thinks if I just have the knee replaced, I'll be fine. But I'm secretly worried I won't be any be any better off after surgery than before. You probably know about these things. What can you tell me?

I am a dedicated long-distance runner with a slight problem. I sprained my ankle in the last marathon really badly and ended up with an OLT lesion. If I have microfracture treatment and it works, will it hold up so that I can run long distances again?

I may be having buyer's remorse in a weird way. I had an operation called microfracture to help heal a hole in my ankle bone. But now I'm regretting doing it and thinking it could have just healed on its own if I waited a bit longer. And I'm worried that after spending all this money, the repair won't last. What do you think?

My cousin went all the way to Switzerland to have her ankle replacement done. She complains all the time about the pain still continuing and having limited motion on that side. Could she have gotten a better result having the surgery here in the USA?

I am thinking about having an ankle replacement. What do you think of the Scandinavian version (called the STAR prosthesis)?

I suspect my sister may be suffering an ankle fracture that actually occurred during surgery (she had an ankle replacement) but nobody's talking. Should I say something before she goes back to this same surgeon? Maybe she should be seeing someone else for her follow-up care.

I'm doing some looking on-line about stress fractures and how they should be treated. My situation is a little bit more complicated than a simple stress fracture because I have an ankle joint replacement and the fracture is in the bone around the implant. What can I expect when I see the orthopedic surgeon about this?

I had a very bad ankle injury when I was a teenager and now in my early 30s, I'm starting to have some significant pain and loss of motion in that ankle. Could this be early arthritis? (I hope not...)! What should I expect now?

How safe is the use of hyaluronic acid for ankle arthritis? Is it better to take the supplements in pill form or to have the injections directly into the joint?

Next week I am having arthroscopic surgery to remove a tiny bone caught between the lower leg bone and the heel bone. I expect to have a full and easy recovery. But I would like to know more about other patients' experiences. Does anyone "fail" with this kind of operation? What happens then?

I am a dance instructor in a large city. I've always known I have an extra bone (os trig?) in my ankle that should come out but I haven't wanted to be off work for any length of time. Now it looks like I'll be forced to have it done because I can hardly walk on it much less dance. I see that most of these procedures leave only a tiny scar. The surgeon I spoke with called it "minimally invasive." That doesn't matter to me now so much as the recovery time. Is there any kind of surgery that can get me back on me feet faster (fastest)?

I have sprained my ankle several times but recently suffered a high ankle sprain for the first time. This sprain is taking so much longer to heal. Is this normal? Why would it take so long?

I fell down the stairs and sprained and broke my ankle at the end of the fibula. I have to have surgery to repair the fracture. I am not sure if I want all those screws in my ankle forever, especially since I want to continue running and biking. What are my options?

I have recently had surgery for a fractured talus and my doctor discovered in my follow up x-ray that I have osteonecrosis. What is that and what does that mean for my recovery?

My mother had a type III fracture of her talus and the surgeon decided to wait a few days before performing her surgery. Why would they make that choice and will this increase her rick of getting arthritis in the future?

I have been diagnosed with osteonecrosis in my ankle, what are my treatment options?

My doctor has recommended an outpatient procedure called percutaneous drilling for a Stage II osteonecrotic lesion on my talus. What can I expect after surgery for rehabilitation and long term function?

I am considering an ankle replacement, what are some of the common complications?

My mother is considering a total ankle replacement. She has also been told that she has a coronal-plane deformity. What is this and what does this mean for her surgery?

I am in my 50’s and my ankle pain has gotten to the point where I can barely walk without pain, especially in the mornings.  I’m normally fairly active and my ankle has been bothersome since I fractured it in my 20’s.  What are my treatment options as far as pain reduction?  Can they replace your ankle like they do knees now?

I have end stage ankle arthritis and my surgeon wants to perform a total ankle replacement, specifically a fixed implant.  I’m concerned about this because normally don’t ankles move in more than one direction.  I can make a circle with my other ankle.  I know they make a mobile implant.  Why does he not use this one instead?  What are the disadvantages to a fixed implant?

I am a ballet dancer who has been diagnosed with Os trigonum syndrome can I keep dancing?

I have posterior heel pain do I need surgery?

What is the best treatment for reducing swelling in an ankle injury?

Do those pneumatic compression socks work at reducing ankle swelling after I break my ankle?

What is the difference between an ulnar nerve compression and carpal tunnel?  

What is tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis?

When would a tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis be appropriate?

What is the most common injury in a recreational tennis player and how can I avoid it?

I am 60 years old and rely on walking to keep my health. I recently broke my heel bone and my doctor says that I need surgery to repair it. Is this the same as an ankle fusion? Will I be able to walk after this?